Handmade Moon Drum


Handmade Moon Drum

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MOON PHASES DRUM - handmade of natural raw hide and a light wood frame.

This drum is inspired by the moon and her endless mystical transformation.
It is made of natural goat skin for highest quality demands.
The material has been exceptionally carefully processed, the evenly smooth and clean goat skin in a quality for highest demands in natural earth tones. This drum skin is not bleached or dyed.

This medicine will support and inspire you in the connecting to the wisdom of the moon and your inner moon goddess.
I hope it will bring lots of joy and inspiration!

that this drum is handmade in many steps with great care and love made after order.
Keep in mind that each drum looks slightly different as each natural raw hide looks unique.
Please reach out if you wish for specific colors or designs on your unique drum!


The drum has clear, humming, far reaching overtones that will accompany you into deep dreaming, mediation, prayers or ritual. Let its rich voice move through your body and follow its guidance to connect to your own wisdom and wilderness, your ancestors, totems and inner landscapes.

~ can be used for healing work and rituals
~ supports daily rituals and clams your thoughts
~ a wide range of overtones and deeply healing sound qualities
~ can support you in connecting to your totems, ancestors and all beings
~ is solid but light so as to avoid putting weight on the shoulder and upper arm

The shamanic drum is one of the oldest instruments on the planet.
Frame drums have been played on the entire northern hemisphere by our earliest ancestors. From northern Europe to Siberia, the Mongolian desert and North America - the drum has always supported ceremonies, rituals, transitions, celebration.

SIZE FRAME: 40cm or 45cm x 6cm

MATERIALS: goat raw hide and ash wood frame
Can be ordered with deer, horse or calf hide too; please reach out if you are interested.

Goats like Buffalos are a symbol of abundance and wealth. They are wise, playful and generous.
Goat symbolism is letting you know that it may be time to begin new climbs and endeavors and that you have to trust your ability. Having faith in yourself and your skills is a potent tool that is available to you at all times.
The Goat, as a Spirit Animal teaches you to maintain your balance. Climbing a narrow mountain ledge of challenges or walking a wooded path goats have calm determination.

The drum is played with a drum stick.
Please keep in mind that the stick does not come with the drum.

I like to focus on each drum's individual, powerful and healing energy and presence.
Its soul, its wisdom and character define and fuel the instrument - it is a living being.
In the process, your individual wishes for your drum can emerge, which I will gladly take into account and incorporate.

Each step of the process is done by hand, the drum is built in a traditional way.
I use materials of the highest quality and approach earth and the animals respectfully and consciously.
Without them we could not create such wonderful instruments.


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